Course of instruction for GNMs

(A) First year

  • Basic Science applied to Nursing
    1. Anatomy and physiology
    2. Physics and chemistry
    3. Microbiology
  • Behavioral Science applied to Nursing.
    1. Anatomy and physiology
  • community health Nursing-I
    1. Nutrition
    2. Hygiene-personal and environmental
    3. Health education and communication
    4. Community heath nursing
  • Nursing fundamental of Nursing

(B) Second year

  1. Medical/Surgical nursing -1 (including pharmacology)
  2. Medical/Surgical II (specialties)
  3. Psychiatric nursing and mental health
  4. Computer Education

(C) Third year

  1. Midwifery and gynecological nursing
  2. Community health nursing II
  3. Pediatric nursing

(D) Internship Period

  1. Educational methods and medias for teaching in practice of nursing
  2. Introduction of research
  3. Professional trends and adjustment
  4. Administration and ward management
  5. Health economic

Internal assessment marks will be made on the basis of teacher’s assessment of the work done by the students after one-year of teaching. Internal assessment is based on classroom tests (Written, Practical) practical performance in the field/clinical area, written assignment reports and behavior of the students.