Academic Activities

  1. 80 % of attendance is compulsory to appear in exams.
  2. Must appear in all athe Internal examinations, class tests & must submit the Assignments, Project works given by the teachers within given time & secure pass marks.
  3. Must fulfill the requirement of clinical duties and field visit as prescribed by the university and institution.
  4. The conduct of the students also will be included in their internal marks.
  5. No Visitors are allowed during working days and working hours.
  6. Must get prior written permission from Principal & Warden to take leave for staying in the hostel (absent to class), going home, going to hospital/outing etc.
  7. Leaves are sanctioned according to the norms of Indian Nursing council, Haryana Nursing Council and Management.
  8. Sick leaves are considered only with the medical certificate.
  9. Progress reports, along with attendance reports and conduct report of the students will be sent to parents periodically. The parents are informed kindly to do the follow up.
  10. Repeated misbehavior, violation of rules, refusal from duty, poor performance in their studies and practical. Instigation for strikes and misconduct will be viewed seriously and student will be dismissed.
  11. Participation in extra curricular activities is also being encouraged.
  12. The admitted candidate and her parents/Guardian must thoroughly study rules and regulation and the eligibility for getting admission into the course.