Director's Message

Madam Sharanjit Kaur

“Serve And Not To Be Served”

Nursing is an art and science dedicated to improving the physical psychological and social well being of individuals.

We prepare Nursing professional for a world of Nursing, vastly different from that of the present period challenges and to be the risk takers and leaders with professionally skillful, self-directed, socially motivated and more creative and they move nursing forward with the vision of confidence. We accelerate the further learning through which excellent, dynamic and well-equipped professional nurses are coming out and they will be the best output who can possess the different roles like Nurse practitioners, researchers, administrators and educators.

We work to achieve the goals of the international council of Nurses. World health organization, Indian Nursing Council and Haryana Nursing Council.

Shaheed Baba Deep Singh School of Nursing provides the students and opportunity in Nursing to enable them to acquire.

  1. Adequate knowledge
  2. Nursing Skills
  3. Positive attitude
  1. Foster an the students with a good understanding of basic scientific principles of Physical, biological and social sciences.
  2. Encourage the students to learn advanced science and technology.
  3. Heartening the good communication skill which are essential for practice of Nursing.
  4. Provision of essential training which is required in different health care settings.
  5. Develop the sense of responsibility among the students to feel pride in the profession and guiding them with respect to their future in nursing in accordance with legal and ethical aspects
  6. Improve the all round development of students.

Mrs. Sharanjeet Kaur